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Let's Meetup

4 steps to build successful meetup

Our team at MytechValley would like to invite your company to partner with us and organize the best meetup of the year! You'll get to collaborate with a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about driving growth and innovation.

Pay attention ❤️

The sponsorship activities and advertising on the website are paid.

We work only with companies and entities related to startups and hi-tech ecosystem in Israel and abroad

1. Deep... Deeper....  Deepest... - Preparation

We will work together to decide on the format of the meetup, brainstorm the best ideas, and select lecturers who can provide valuable insights and expertise to our audience

2. Attention Please! - Marketing, Audience 

We will handle all marketing efforts in relevant channels to ensure maximum exposure for the event

3. On the Scene Good Vibes Only! - Leading Event


We will prepare and lead special networking activities during the meetup. 

4. Happy Ever After - Results, KPIs and other 

You'll have the opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with new talents,, and gain valuable exposure in the industry 

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