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Mytechvalley was founded by Inbal Israeli Gaffa and Masha Shal-Bar Shoichtman with the aim of connecting high-tech employees and entrepreneurs living in Em HaMoshavot and its surrounding areas.

Today, our community welcomes every high-tech employee and entrepreneur, regardless of their location, and offers meetups, webinars, networking events, and a mentorship program.

This platform was designed to foster professional development, enrichment, continuous learning, side projects, and networking. Throughout our community's activity, we have hosted more than 25 events (meetups and webinars). These activities have been focused on tech and entrepreneurship.


Our community also partners with various high-tech companies for the purposes of learning, gaining exposure, and providing new opportunities for our community members, which currently number over 1,400 high-tech women and men.

Mytechvalley stands at the forefront of innovation in the local high-tech ecosystem, often referred to as the "Israeli Silicon Valley," located in Petah Tikva.

ORACLE meetup #1
SERVICENOW meetup #4
CYBERARK meetup #3
Hackathon judging team
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